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Compatible with:
AX 4270
AX 4750
AX 5000
PM 225
PM 325
UX 4750
VI 125
VX 3200
VX 3300
VX 4650
VX 4700
VX 6100
VX 7000
VX 8000
VX 8100
VX 9800
Amigo Tek
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Our standard CLA is everything but standard. Blown fuses
and thin broken wires are the leading cause of product
returns (and unhappy customers) for car chargers. Our
own circuit breaker technology makes this a true fuseless
charger and a bright charging indicator dome light makes
it easy to confirm your phone is charging. We added a
coiled nine-foot, 3.5mm cord with heavy-duty strain reliefs
that makes it easy to use in any size vehicle.