Amigo Tek
Switch on/off
Take a call, end a call, reject a call
Volume adjustment
Voice recognition
Reconnection request (after switch off / on sequence)
Dedicated sound in the speaker for low battery, switch
on, switch off, pairing, volume adjustment, voice
activation, reconnection request, waiting call, etc.

Up to 11 hrs talk time
Stand-by up to 21 days
Weight about 13 grams (excluding ear hook)
Removable & adjustable ear hook which allows the
headset to be worn on either ear comfortably
Comfortable even when wearing glasses
Size: 62.3 mm (L) x 22 mm (W)
Operation range: Up to 10 meters.
Compatible with Bluetooth enabled devices such as
mobile phones, PDAs & computers that support
Headset and / or Hands-free profile
Dual color LED to state the charge, low battery,
stand-by & communication
Bluetooth specification: V1.2

Electronic features
Battery : Lithium polymer
The Bluetrek S21 is built for comfort and performance.  Specifically designed for busy
people on the move, this headset packs great power into a slender package that captures
Bluetrek's chic fashion style.  The S21 blends its sleek metallic interface with feather-light
hybrid rubber, creating an ultra-modern, ultra-practical communication tool.  Not even the
hustle and bustle of the city can drown out the crystal clear connection you'll receive with
the S21.  The Bluetrek S21 matches the urban style with high performance for people who
are really going places.
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